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I create meaningful, beautiful, funny, moving, fascinating, live-theatrical experiences that are relevant to the journey of a human and move the collective soul.

I endeavor to beguile, entertain, engage and inspire people of all ages through the uniquely magical and communal experience of theatre.

Teaching Artist Statement

I believe a theatre arts education has the capacity to make our world better.

By learning in, about and through a theatrical process, participants have independent thought and share collective goals.

Theatre fosters critical literacy, develops an openness to ambiguity, enlarges perspective, develops thought and sensitivity, ignites an imaginative spark in the human spirit, and inspires happy, engaged citizens.

My Personal Manifesto

The above ideas were distilled from this piece, which I wrote on Wednesday, April 25, 2007, to clarify my identity and shape my work.  It continues to evolve, as do I.   

I declare my personal, but not private, interpretation and policy for theatre.  I endeavor to beguile, entertain, engage and inspire people of all ages through the uniquely magical and communal experience of theatre.  With purpose and resolve, I will:

Meet the needs of the audiences of today with little regard for the audiences of tomorrow,

Assert that by meeting the needs of the audience of today, the audiences of tomorrow will be salvaged,

Hold young audiences in highest regard as the champions of the audience of tomorrow,
Listen to current audiences,

Be unintimidated by the tremendous opposition screaming profane, unsubstantiated, speculative, blinkered statements, such as, “children are UN- or NOT YET beings,” “theatre  for these UN- or NOT YET beings, and all artists involved in it, is profoundly lacking in value, quality and importance,” “adolescents are only attracted to that which they create themselves”,

Recognize that change starts with one voice, my voice, so I summon my voice and the masses will follow,
Create meaningful theatrical experiences relevant to the journey of a human, especially for the young,

Stage beautiful, funny, moving, fascinating scripts that appeal to the very young, young, preteen, adolescent, young adult, family, young professional, mid-career, and aging audience,

In this process, actively, intentionally and continuously engage with diverse participants in order to create equal access, well-being and a sense of belonging for all, which includes race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, language, religion, geographic location, and socio-economic background,

(In the event that these scripts cannot be found) personally write, or secure exceptional playwrights to write, scripts that are beautiful, funny, moving, and fascinating stories that appeal to these above-mentioned audiences,

Enjoy the act of creation,

Enlarge perspective and develop understanding,


Invest in lifelong learning,

Provide above-mentioned audiences opportunities to enjoy the act of creation, enlarge perspective and develop understanding, collaborate, and invest in lifelong learning,

Devise a theatre arts program that includes acting AND playwriting, directing, designing and dramaturgy opportunities,

Challenge young theatre artists to realize the next evolution of the American theatre,

Summon artists, schools, the community and the government to sponsor and endorse theatre arts education programming,

Declare my long-term commitment to foster community ownership and participation in theatre,

Secure a lifelong relationship with unconnected theatre audiences, and in doing so, build a better community,

Popularize the concept that theatre, a uniquely communal experience where participants converge in vital dialectics, should be attended each and every week,

Do all of the above now, and trust that the masses and the money will follow!

A Believer of Magic,

Jennifer Ridgway

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