With Communities

Some My Experience Relevant to Communities
  • Master Teaching Artist, Wolf Trap, Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, 2005-2006 & 2009, 2015-
  • Director/Musical Director/Choreographer, Two Musical Productions in Beijing China 2018 & 2019
Recent Training Relevant to Communities
  • Anti-Racist Educators Arts Learning Lab (A-REALL) 2021
  • Maryland State Department of Education Fine Arts Office Certificates in Completion in (1) Learning through the Creative Process, (2) Creative Aging Providers, and (3) Supporting LGBTQ+ Students & Families
  • Basic Terms and Phrases in Spanish, Mandarin and ASL
  • Lincoln Center Education “Teaching Artist Leadership Development Lab,” 2017
  • University of North Carolina, Greensboro: Master of Fine Arts, Directing/Theatre for Youth, May 2009

Resume Available Upon Request

Imagination inspires curiosity and transformation, ignites joy and builds communities!

I collaborate with all ages, from babies to elders, and work with households, families and community partners who want to use the performing arts to inspire their curiosity and learning, ignite joy and build community! You are never too young or too old for the stage.

I believe the techniques I use awaken each individual to be the best possible version of themselves in the artistic process, and to bring their artistic self into the real-world.

What acting ensemble is the answer for your community’s need?

Babies and Families

Baby and family classes are joyful experiences. Drama with this age group is often a vehicle to engage social-emotional capacities, which shape the way we each feel about ourselves, feel about others and the way we learn. I approach this work using creative drama and process drama strategies, and have developed a warm-up strategy that that invites children to share their experience of emotions.

Out-Of-School Time And Community Partners

After school and in community with all ages, I facilitate groups to tell the stories and scripts they want to write, tell and perform. From playwriting to devising to staging full productions in the United States and China, it is important the members of the community are at the table where decisions are made at every step of the process. When the ensemble decides on a goal, they write a personal and group contract that outlines expectations to reach the identified goal.

Creative Aging

In creative aging classes, we explore theatre techniques and storytelling strategies in order to develop acting tools (body, voice) and skills (imagination, expression, concentration, collaboration). I’ve helped elders tell a story with more expression to their grandchildren, and even the neighborhood children.  We’ve also enjoyed re-imagining literature and how elders are depicted in texts. Whatever the goal, my acting classes bring elders onstage so that they can become storytellers of their own lives!


As a quiet and introverted child, I know that theatre training has the capacity to develop the confidence in the vocal and physical expression of anyone. Consider also that acting exercises can be a fun way to get to know individual team members and hone collaboration skills. We can use improvisation and theatrical storytelling to increase listening skills and explore client perspectives and experiences with your products and services. By delving into a character study, we can build empathy and expand the reach of your businesses.

Showtime! Places, please!

The joy and delight felt behind the scenes and onstage during a live performance change your life. Believe me, you are never too young or too old to be part of a show!

In 2020, as the world was forced to shelter in place, I was forced into unemployment. I recognized a need in my community and how my artistry might help my neighbors overcome loneliness and enter into imaginary play. Two of my colleagues joined me, and Yard Dramas was born. We are committed to arts education and life-long learning for all. As proud Prince George’s County residents, our goal is to help our community re-build and re-imagine in the post-pandemic. Come outside to play with us!