Building Community With Theatre

the Okinawan spirit of Ichariba Chodee: one encounter makes people siblings

Arts Educator. Performer. Administrator. Director. Puppet Builder. Audio Describer. Arts Consultant. Benchmarker. Advocate. Teaching Artist Leader. Business Owner.

Each of us has a story to tell and we all have a role to play in writing our collective story!

Hey, curious minds, adventure seekers, imagineers, and lifelong learners:

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Imagine a world where storytelling, theater, puppetry, music, and dance come together to bridge connections, ignite learning, and cultivate fresh ideas. From its humble beginnings in April 2020, Yard Dramas was born out of my passion for nurturing creativity and exploration. In a time when the world was forced to shelter in place, I walked my childhood classic red radio flyer wagon into neighbors’ yards for art-learning experiences. Collaborative storytelling sessions, well-being practices, and the creativity process unfolded right in the embrace of nature.

Today I devise unique in-person and virtual creative experiences with clients and community partners!

Every part of the journey is of importance to the whole.

Saint teresa of avila

An advocate for arts education and lifelong learning, Jennifer believes every human is a piece of art and has a right to enjoy the act of creating.

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It’s the end of a long day, or maybe you’ve reached the end of a successful fiscal quarter. The completion of a project or the closing of a curtain brings a mix of emotions. You may feel inspired and proud of your accomplishments, but also exhausted from the effort you’ve put in. It’s at moments like these that we need to take a pause on our creative journey and reflect.

Reflection allows us to look back, to turn or bend back, and gain valuable insights from our experiences. It gives us a chance to learn from our successes and challenges, and to grow both personally and professionally. It’s in this space of reflection that new ideas and inspiration often arise.

I invite you to join me on my blog, where I share my reflections, thoughts, and insights. Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and creativity together. Visit my blog and explore the content that awaits.

I call on you to value Teaching Artists!

As a Theatre Teaching Artist and a proud member of the Teaching Arts of the Mid-Atlantic (TAMA), I call on the arts and culture sector, the philanthropic community, policymakers, schools, libraries, retirement homes, detention centers, and all community members and entities to value Teaching Artists as paid professionals. Pay equity is a social justice issue. Please take a moment to read my statement to learn more, utilize the Teaching Artists Guilds’ TA Pay Calculator when compensating teaching artists, and consider donating to one of the many local, regional, and national organizations that are by and for Teaching Artists (like TAMA). Together we can create an equitable and vibrant arts ecosystem.