Inviting Bravery to The Work

Last month I shared my first artistic response as part of the A-REALL cohort.  I finished my second artistic response last week.  Yet here I am again confronted with my feelings of sharing it.  I ask myself, “Are you brave, Jennifer?”  These pieces are not finished. I could work on them for a lifetime andContinue reading “Inviting Bravery to The Work”

An Invitation to Examine 0.3 Miles

I’m on a journey. You should join me. In January I joined the A-REALL cohort.  A-REALL is a professional learning community for arts educators, TEACHING ARTISTS, and arts integration classroom teachers committed to anti-racism in learning spaces. Presented by the MSDE Fine Arts Office and Arts Education in Maryland Schools, we meet bi-monthly to address racialContinue reading “An Invitation to Examine 0.3 Miles”

This is my Playmaker’s Treasure Chest!

“The only journey is the one within.” Rainer MARIA RIlke It’s the end of the day. Maybe the project is complete.  Maybe the curtain came down.  You should be inspired and proud. You’re probably exhausted, and maybe even sweaty. It’s a journey – the creative process. Pause. It’s time to reflect. To turn or bendContinue reading “This is my Playmaker’s Treasure Chest!”